R.E.A.L Foundation is raise up to work with orphans, disable, rural areas children, who can not afford to pay their education expenses in Pakistan. We work with enslaves, brick kiln workers, sweeper, widows and paralized. We provide them Biblical Education, Formal and informal education, foods and medicine whenever God provide by our friends and family members.

We know how to make
the most out of our
students’ talents


Ongoing Projects R.E.A.L FOUNDATION – Pakistan

Spreading the Word of God

LOCATION: Toba Tek Singh, Gojra, Hyderabad, Pakistan

We are spreading the Word of God in Toba Tek Singh, Gujra and Hyderabad city of Pakistan. We are visiting village-to-village, town-to-town, doorto-door and also the Christian families at the brick kilns.

We give them FREE Urdu Bibles that they can read and SHARE with their neighbors and relatives. We give them Urdu Bibles without reference to any denominations.

Each Urdu Bible cost us: $ 7 Dollars. Many thirsty souls are receiving the
water of eternal life.


CrownLife International Inc 501(c)(3) is a U.S.A. charitable Christian non profit ministry and is a Premier Native Pastors Missions Agency.
R.E.A.L. Pakistan is an official Field Partner to CLI who securely, safely and simply processes our donations, provides back office services such as accounting, tax deductible receipt issuance, and funds forwarding to Pakistan.

A Premier Native Pastors Missions Agency.



Saint James Primary School

Located in a rural area of Masitian 375 GB Toba Tek Singh.

The SJPS is an Eighth grade (nursery, kindergarten, prep, 1-5 class), two floor compound that serves as a tuition-free primary education center for impoverished children of the surrounding areas. The school is staffed with five volunteers, five paid teachers and a cook – who provide loving care to the children who attend from 8am to 1pm on weekdays. Attendance per semester varies, but averages about 80 students. Uniforms, school supplies, and lunches are provided – when made available through monthly donations.

The school is equipped with electricity, a security gate, lights and fans, a functional administrative office, desks and chairs, text books, workbooks and writing supplies, tables, a kitchen, two washrooms/toilets, two computers, a printer, and a television for showing educational DVD’s.


We love to serve the whole man. We help provide food, clothing, shoes, medical care, education, supplies, feeding programs and so much more — but we are laser focused also on growing up a generation to serve Jesus in Pakistan. We see hope, life, bright futures and joy. Please become a part of nurturing and enabling this vision for the most needy kids of Pakistan.

We love to see our kids
excel in getting an education, being well fed and spiritually strong in the Lord.


Evening Bible Study

The SJPS compound is used in the evenings for Bible study, prayer services, Christian celebrations (such as Christmas & Easter), and
other functions for local Christian families of the surrounding communities. On average 35 adults attend the evening bible studies. Bible distribution is also one of the facets of our outreach through the REALF. When donations are given, Urdu language Bibles are purchased through the Pakistan Bible Society (receipts recorded) – and distributed door to door to Christian families who don’t yet have a bible.

Least Of These Children Daycare Shelter

Located in a rural area of Gogumal 159 GB Gojra.
The LOTC is a gated compound where 90 local impoverished children come in the afternoons to receive a hot meal, clothes, shoes, and food distribution – as made available through donations. A general primary education is also provided to some children as well. The center is also sometimes used as a place for local Christians to congregate for certain functions or prayer services. Many of the children who come to the center are from brick kiln worker families, while others are also from underprivileged backgrounds


Slavery is not something just from the past – it is alive and well on the face of the earth. Slavery and  poverty are cruel task masters and we believe that in Jesus people are meant to be set free from affliction, slavery, bondage and abuses. We love serving the most needy enslaved brick kiln families and where possible we work to set them free from bondage and free indeed in Jesus name

Help us set the captives free today by supporting this ministry.



Brick Kiln Family Support Program

Location: Toba Tek Singh and Gojra

We support forty brick kiln families with feeding events and groceries whenever God enables us. Every Tuesday we visit and share the Good News with them. We share the word of God with an average of 70 children at this location. We give them free education, hot meal, clothes, shoes, and food distribution –as made available through charitable donations

Kotri Children Center

Location: Kotri Hyderabad

The KCC is an open air compound where 110 local impoverished children come in the afternoons to receive a hot meal, clothes, shoes, and food distribution –as made available through donations. A general primary education is also provided to some children as well.


People are out of work due to Covid and there are no government stimulus checks, no real hope for any meaningful government assistance to the most needy people. Cubards are bear, children are crying in the night due to hunger and mom’s and dad’s are crying out to God for someone to help them. Maybe God will touch your heart to give today so that we can impact and change their lives.

Imagine having, no job, no food, no assistance, no real hope as your children cry into the night…


Covid-19 Relief Food Package

Location 1: Latifabad, Hyderabad

We have facilitated seven hundred families with food during this pandemic Coronavirus epidemic. We have a plan for a microfinance program to enable participants to earn income in these affected locations.

Location 2: Toba Tek singh, Gojra, Faisalabad

We provide seventy families with food, and cash support payments.