aims and objectives

Covid-19 Relief Food Package

Located 1: Latifabad, Hyderabad
We facilitate seven hundred families  with food during this pandemic corona virus. We have plane for microfinance self money generate program for effected people.

Location 2: Toba Tek singh, Gojra, Faisalabad.
We facilitate seventy families with food, cash payment. 

St. James Primary School:

Located in a rural area of Masitian 375 GB Toba Tek Singh.
The SJPS is a seven grade (nursery, kindergarten, prep, 1-4 class), two floor compound that serves as a tuition-free primary education center for impoverished children of the surrounding area. The school is staffed with four volunteer teachers and a cook – who provide care to children attending from 8am – 1pm on weekdays. Attendance per semester varies from approximately 40-60 students. Uniforms, school supplies, and lunches are provided when made available through monthly donations. The school is equipped with electricity, security gate, lights & fans, a functional administrative office, desks and chairs, text books, workbooks and writing supplies, tables, a kitchen, two washrooms/toilets, two computers, printer, and a television for showing educational DVD’s.

Evening Bible Study:

The SJPS compound is used in the evenings for Bible study, prayer services, Christian celebrations (such as Christmas & Easter), and other functions for local Christian families of the Surrounding community. On average, approximately 35 adults attend the evening bible studies. Bible distribution is also one of the facets of outreach through the REALFWhen donations are given, Urdu language Bibles are purchased through the Pakistan Bible Society (receipts recorded) – and distributed door to door to Christian families who don’t yet have one.

Least of These Center:

Located in a rural area of Gogumal 159 GB Gojra.
The LOTC is a gated compound where (approx.70- 90) local impoverished children come in the afternoons to receive a hot meal, clothes, shoes, and food distribution –as made available through donations. A general primary education is also provided to some children as well. The center is also sometimes used as a place for local Christians to congregate for certain functions or prayer services. Many of the children who come to the center are from brick kiln worker families, while others are also from underprivileged backgrounds.

Short term and long term goals:

We shall appreciate your reply, interest in our ongoing project. We shall share you the short term and long term goals.
The present need is Covid-19 affected families to provide them self income generate microfinance business. This way they can grow their own business.